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Last Ride of the Season!

Saying Hello to the new Bridge on Cherry Street.

And goodbye to my fundraising campaign for Parkins!n Canada.  It's the last ride of the season and the last one before the fundraising wraps up on Oct 31.  Thanks to everyone that put me comfortably in 3rd for Funds raised and Distance ridden!  I'm grateful to know so many generous people.  You still have time to support me until the 31st, I'm just short about $150 from second place for funds raised!

Fall Riding

Saying Hello to the Humber Trail

It's the last few weeks before the Pedaling for Parkinson's Fundraising campaign wraps up!  Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far.  I am grateful for this support that has put me just short of first place on the fundraising leaderboard!

As for the riding, I've been occupied helping my parents settle in their new place.  The are happy to be there, the place is brighter and safer with no stairs!

Still managed to get a few rides in and hopefully a few more before November rolls around!

Busy September! Moving the parents and a downsizing auction.

It's been a busy couple of weeks.  A few weeks ago there was the 85k ride that I did for my Dad's 85th Birthday in support of Parkinson Canada.  The fundraising drive continues until the end of October.  I can't wait to go on more rides!  But lately, I've been helping my parents move out of their townhouse of 20 years.  It has too many stairs so they are moving to a more appropriate apartment.  The townhouse goes on the market on Monday!  In the meantime I've set up an online auction to sell some of the stuff they are leaving behind.  You can see it and bid here:

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today was the day!  85km for my Dad's 85th birthday.   I headed out at 6:30am and met up with a few running friends come cyclists for a spin out to the Leslie spit and out east.  Thanks Andrea and Jen for starting the ride with me!  After they tagged out because of work responsibilities, I headed out to Frenchman's Bay in Pickering across from the power plant.  I hadn't really planned out the route but somehow finished 85km at Studio on the Hill, the ceramics studio that I frequent.  So had a impromptu visit there.

After another 15k home, I ate a takeout hamburger and took a nap.  Then it was off to my parents for my dad's birthday.  Our cousins brought over food for a last visit at my parents' townhouse of 20 years!  We move on Saturday!  I'll refrain from posting pictures because my dad had a fall and because of his bloodthinners there was a lot of bruising/colour.  But, there was cake and he was very happy to see everyone.   

Cousin Power!

A big thanks to all my cousins who have helped support my fundraising!  We hit $2500 with a $105 donation from Renee Kwok!  They've also been a big support with helping my parents move to a Life Lease Apartment. A special thanks to Stella, Danny and Ronald who have been helping with the move.  Dad has really benefitted from your help and my mom, Padrin, and I are very grateful for your support.

There's still a bit over a month left in the Pedaling for Parkinson campaign so let see if we can reach $3000!  We might even be able to hit #1 on the leaderboard if we surpass that!

Thanks, Studio on the Hill!

Besides the Tri, and big ride last week, I started going back to Studio on the Hill.  It's the ceramics studio that I had been hanging around Thursday evenings before the pandemic.

I rode there in the rain and arrived sopping wet, but they were welcoming as always.  Thanks for your generous donation Shaun!  It puts me in sights for 2nd place on the leaderboard for funds raised, so I'm setting the goal to $2500!:

Longest ride yet!

It's been a busy few weeks, last weekend was the Toronto Island Triathlon, which is always a great reason to get out there.  Then, this past weekend I did my longest ride ever!  We started out at 6:30am which is actually late for the crew I rode with.  It was early enough get in 109K by noon!

Dad helps with a big push!

Riding out to Treatsville for Francis' Birthday

Thanks Dad! Lets match his $1000 donation by going for $2000!

This summer and fall I'm helping Parkinson Canada with their $100,000, 100,000 Km fundraising Challenge. I'll be logging my rides to contribute to this, but the big day for me will be a 85km ride for my Dad's 85th birthday on Sept 15th. You can support my efforts here:

Here's a picture from another birthday ride this weekend with one of my best cycling friends Francis and crew. We rode out to Streetsville. Which is now known to us as Treatsville on account of some great empanadas and pastries by:

$500 achieved let's keep the momentum going.

Wow, I am always grateful to see how generous people are.  In just a few days we blew past $500. 

Parkinson Canada is here for Canadians living with Parkinson’s today such as my Dad – while funding research into better treatments and one day, a cure.

I want to keep the momentum going so I'm upping the Goal to $750!  Every bit helps big or small and thanks to all the great people who have supported me so far!


P.S. The bike in the picture is the one I got the day before I decided to do this fundraiser, so you're giving me all the more reason to get out there on this beast!

85km on Sept 15 for my Dad's 85th. I'm going the distance for Pedaling for Parkinson's.

I’m keeping the research cadence strong by Pedaling for Parkinson’s. As part of the event, I’ve set a goal of riding 85KM on Sept 15, 2022, my Dad's 85th birthday.  I'll be tracking my kms to contribute to Parkinson Canada's 100,000km cross-Canada goal.  

Parkinson Canada's mission is to transform the lives of people living with Parkinson’s. They fund critical research, provide information and support, increase awareness and advocates for improved health care outcomes for people living with Parkinson's across Canada.

More than 100,000 Canadians live with Parkinson’s, a number expected to increase substantially in the coming years, with 30 Canadians diagnosed each day. Parkinson’s is a disease that affects not only individuals, but also families, friends and care partners who come together to manage the realities of Parkinson’s.

Help me ensure Parkinson Canada is here for Canadians living with Parkinson’s today – while funding research into better treatments and one day, a cure.

Please support my Pedaling for Parkinson’s fundraiser. Together, we can have an immeasurable impact on the research being done, the services being offered, and the people being helped every day.  

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Good Luck and Keep on Cycling!!!


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Go go go Patrick . You can do it!


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Such a wonderful thing to do in honour of your dad! Enjoy all the rides!



Way to go Patrick!


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Good luck on your ride!




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So happy to have played a small part in your bike training this summer! Thanks for always being a great cycling partner!





Great cause! Good luck Patrick!


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you are so sweet to doing this for your dad. keep good sprit and good luck!


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Riding for your DAD and a GREAT cause...all the best!


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Excellent, Patrick! So happy to see you’re well.


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Good luck!


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Good luck on your ride. You are an inspiration for everyone.


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